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We are a caring cat-breeding home in San Jose, California. If you are reading this, then you may be falling in love with the Abyssinians as my family did not long ago.

We have always raised cats as pets but began breeding professionally in 2016. After taking in mixed strays my whole life, I can appreciate how clever and energetic this breed is. At first, we had Naomi just as a family pet, but realized how special she was at our first CFA show. To our surprise, she performed well in coloration as well as behavior contests; and more experienced breeders took interest in her. My husband and I knew we had to carry on the good genes, and so our first litter came in time for Valentine’s Day 2018. The cross was made with a handsome cat all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, and from it came a new adorable Sorel girl Yeseania that we plan to keep for breeding.

Our kittens are raised as part of family, not in cages. As a breeder of Abyssinians we strive to provide healthy, high quality companion animals as well as felines that can compete on the show table against other high quality Abyssinians. All our Abyssinian kittens comes from parent cats that have tested negative for Feline Leukemia virus, Feline Immunodeficiency virus, PRA, PKD, and PK Deficiency. Our kittens come with UTD vaccinations and a vaccination record, a CFA registration application, photographs of the parent cats and my
guarantee that the kitten is healthy and disease free to the best of my knowledge.

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